President of the ruling PNC President Dr. Mohamed has proposed electing MP-Elect for Fonadhoo Constituency Abdul Raheem Abdullah as the Speaker of the Parliament.

The President proposed this at the gathering held today where he met all the elected MPs from PNC alongside his cabinet.

While he proposed MP-Elect Abdul Raheem as the Speaker, President Muizzu proposed electing MP-Elect for Dhiggaru Constituency Ahmed Nazim as the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament.

Presidential Spokesperson Heena Waleed confirmed that President Muizzu also proposed appointing MP-elect for Inguraidhoo Constituency Ibrahim Falah as the PG leader for PNC and MP-elect for Baarashu Constituency Ibrahim Shujau as the Senior Deputy PG leader.

The President proposed appointing three experienced MPs as Deputy PG leaders of PNC including MP-elect for Villimale Constituency Mohamed Ismail, MP-elect for Mahibadhoo Constituency Ahmed Thoriq, and MP-elect for Hulhudhoo Constituency Mohamed Shahid.

Heena confirmed that participants of the meeting backed the President's proposal.

The 20th Parliament is expected to be sworn in on the 27th of this month.