Taxi Drivers operating in the Greater Male' Area have voiced their anger over the government's decision to bring changes to taxi rates in the area.

Yesterday, the government announced new rates for taxi services in the capital and clarified rates for taxis with less than six seats as well as those with 7 to 10 seats. It said that the new rates would be implemented starting next Monday.

At a news conference held to express their concern and anger over hte changes, the taxi drivers said that their representatives had been meeting with the officials from the Transport Ministry for the last week to share their concerns and find solutions for the issues.

The drivers accused the government of creating more issues for the taxi drivers by letting the police oversee taxi queues at Velaana International Airport. They said that police only allowed drivers to take turn turns when carrying passengers and that this wasted a lot of time as numerous flights arrived at the airport at the same time.

They said that the government lowered the rates with the promise to maintain the rates ahead of establishing a meter system for taxis. However, they said that while the rates have been cut short by 40 percent, state-owned MTCC has dispatched several vehicles at Velaana International Airport and has started giving taxi services.

They further accused the government of using police and airport staff to prove that taxi drivers were slow and incapable.