Opposition parties MDP and the Democrats have voiced concerns about the anti-India Foreign Policy the new government has adopted in its first days in office.

In a joint presser, the two parties said that they share concerns on several issues, and one such issue is the direction of the foreign policy of the government of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

They said that the current administration appears to making a stark pivot towards an anti-India stance. They said that both MDP and the Democrats believe that alienating any development partner, especially the country's most long-standing ally will be extremely detrimental to the long-term development of the country.

They said that consecutive governments of the country must be able to work with all the development partners for the benefit of the people of the Maldives, as the Maldives has traditionally done.

They emphasized that stability and security in the Indian Ocean are vital to the stability and security of the Maldives.

Other issues they highlighted include the government's projected spending without identifying any foreseeable new revenue measures. They also noted the lack of transparency in the financial state of the state and the lack of transparency in the MOUs and agreements that the government is signing especially with foreign parties.

The Democrats and MDP raised concerns over the delay in releasing flats and land plots allocated to Male' residents, the unlimited political appointees, and the attempts to censor media and meddling with freedom of the press.