President Dr Mohamed Muizzu unveiled the administration's plan to commence the reclamation of the Fushi Dhiggaru lagoon within the next 30 days. He also addressed the housing crisis in the Male' region as a primary concern. These remarks were made in his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the new clock tower in the Maafannu ward.

President Dr Muizzu projected that upon successful completion, the Fushi Dhiggaru lagoon reclamation would generate a land mass approximately three times the cumulative area of the two phases of Hulhumale', estimated at around 1200 hectares.

The ambitious project is set to be completed within eight months and is part of the administration's broader strategy to establish integrated urban centers in seven regions across the country, promoting sustainable development.

The President also detailed the administration’s strategic plans to alleviate urban congestion, including road infrastructure development and dedicated parking facilities to enhance the city's transport efficiency.

Speaking at the clock tower's inauguration, President Muizzu said that the tower's development was initiated under his mayorship at the Male City Council. He also said that the new clock tower, designed to resonate with all age groups, can timely air the five daily Adhan and display essential announcements and messages.

The modernized Clock Tower maintains architectural aesthetics similar to the original one built in 1990, which holds historical significance as a generous gift from Sri Lanka to the Maldives. It was presented on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Maldivian Independence. Sri Lanka was the first country to acknowledge the Maldives' independence.