The Jumhooree Party has confirmed that it has appointed former Home Minister Azleen Ahmed as the Party's new Secretary General.

This was confirmed by the party's chief Spokesperson Ali Solih.

In a message to the media, Solih said that Azleen, who is also a special advisor to JP leader Qasim Ibrahim, was appointed as SG today.

This comes amid reports that the current SC of JP former MP Ali Arif has resigned from his post.

But Arif confirmed to 'The Press' last night that he had not resigned from the post and if he did decide to resign it would be after talks with JP Leader Qasim.

He repeated this today too saying that he had not resigned from the post and went on to say that he would resign only after handing over his responsibilities to his successor.

He added that he had not intention of leaving the party even with the resignation.

Local media have reported that Arif is planning to join PNC Candidate Dr.Mohamed Muizzu.