Jumhooree Party JP has decided to postpone its council meeting to decide who the party will support in the run-off of the Presidential Election.

JP had initially scheduled its council meeting to decide on a coalition for 04:00 p.m. later today. But it delayed the council meeting as JP has yet to conclude talks with both camps ahead of the election run-off.

PNC Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu secured first place in the first round of the election while MDP Presidential Candidate President Mohamed Solih claimed the second highest votes.

Qasim meeting with President Solih/Photo: Screen grab

As no candidate managed to secure 50 percent of the votes, the election would now be decided in a run-off between Solih and Muizzu.

Representatives of PNC Candidate Muizzu met with Qasim last night and the delegation included Muizzu's running mate MP Hussain Latheef as well the leadership of the PPM/PNC coalition.

Also, Qasim is set to meet with MDP Candidate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at his resort Sun Island later today.

In previous elections, Qasim played the role of 'Kingmaker' with the candidate he sided with winning the election in the end.

But this time around Qasim and his followers did not manage to get votes to retain this role as the veteran politician came in 5th out of the 8 candidates who competed in the election.