The Fisheries Ministry is investigating the discovery of an ostrich being taken as a pet in a house in Male'.

This comes after photos circulated on social media showing the bird as well as the owner of the ostrich which looks five ft tall from the pictures.

The Ministry said that a permit was issued for the bird but for it to be placed on a bird farm. The Ministry said that it would investigate how the bird has come to live in a house instead of a bird farm.

Animal Import Permit issued for the bird

The Animal Import Permit for the bird has also gone viral and it states that the permit was issued in January of this year. The permit also showed that 50 ostrich eggs were permitted to be imported and that these domestic ostriches were imported from Iran.

These types of ostrich eggs are 6 inches long and weigh around 1.3 kg.

Reports have said that there are currently 10 ostriches in the Maldives.