The faction of MDP led by the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed has pledged its support to Jumhooree Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim for the September Presidential election.

This was confirmed by MP for Henveiru Hulhangu Constituency Hassan Latheef last night while speaking to reporters following discussions with JP leadership.

He said that Nasheed's faction has formally begun forming a coalition with JP and that both parties are looking to form a coalition agreement before the partnership.

Latheef also said that Nasheed who is MDP's current President is always looking for ways to better the party and that the work with JP would also benefit MDP.

At the meeting with JP last night, Latheef was joined by the Vice President of MDP Mohamed Shifaz, and former STO MD Hussain Amr.

Amr was removed from his post earlier this week while Shifaz was dismissed as a Minister of the President's Office yesterday.

Nasheed formed his own faction named 'Fikurege Dhirun' (birth of an ideology) after his defeat in the MDP Presidential Primary in January at the hands of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.