Jamiyyth Salaf says it had not held an additional meeting with the leader of the Jumhooree Party Qasim Ibrahim.

They said after reports emerged that leaders of the religious organization met with Qasim at his resort, Sun Island.

In a statement, Salaf said that it had met with Qasim on the 20th of this month and that reports on local media about an additional meeting are false.

Salaf called on media outlets that reported the false news to issue an apology and reveal the truth to the public.

It also called on the media to verify the information they report as news and to act responsibly when disseminating information.

Jumhooree Party has decided that it would be competing in the September Presidential elections.

Leaders of political parties and religious leaders have been meeting with the leader of JP Qasim as he looks to secure alliances to help him win the election.