The Government says it is now looking to hold discussions following coalition partner Jumhooree Party's decision to compete in the next Presidential Election as a coalition leader.

Chief Communications Secretary of the President's Office Hisan Ali Fahmy said that nothing much has changed following JP's decision at its conference held recently and that once JP made its decision, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wants to hold a discussion on the current coalition and how to move forward.

Hisan said that the President had requested JP to remain in the coalition with him for the elections via a letter and that the party is yet to respond to his request.

Jumhooree party had last night decided to field its own candidate for the upcoming elections and is ready to form a coalition but conditions that it must lead the coalition.

The current coalition government came into power in 2018 after MDP formed a coalition with JP, Adhaalath Party, and Maldives Reform Movement. The current government has cabinet members and officials that represent the coalition parties and only Adhaalath had so far agreed to stay on with the coalition.

While JP looks to move away from the current coalition, MRM remains undecided over its political alliance ahead of the elections that would shape the country's political landscape for the next five years.