Leader of the Jumhooree Party Gasim Ibrahim is set to make a decision on his political stance for the upcoming Presidential Elections on the 15th of this month.

A reliable source confirmed to 'The Press that JP Council would meet up tomorrow to make a decision about its part in the elections and that it would publically announce the decision the following day.

In the party congress, members of the party decided to give the Council the power to choose the Party's role in the elections; whether to compete on its own or support an existing coalition.

But the Council had later deferred the responsibility to Party Leader and MP for Maamigili Constituency Gasim Ibrahim.

Sources from JP said that there are two lines of thought within the party but those close to Gasim want him to compete in the elections on his own.

While those within the party who hold positions of power in the current coalition government want Gasim to remain with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

In the days leading up to Gasim's much-awaited decision, he has been meeting with key political figures including President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Vice President Faisal Naseem, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, as well as the leader of Adhaalath Party Imran Abdullah and the son of former President Maumoon, Faris Maumoon.