Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed says if convictions are based on the accused's confession, then there would always be conflicts.

In a tweet, Nasheed said that the current Constitution would allow criminal convictions without needing the confession of the suspect or those accused of the crime.

He added that the convictions would be made using evidence and witnesses.

Nasheed made the comments following the brutal murder of 22-year-old Shiaau Mohamed Saeed at an apartment located in Henveiru Ward of Male' two nights back.

Police arrested 23-year-old Ali Shahil from the scene of the crime at which the victim was decapitated and seriously mutilated as her limbs were cut off.

Authorities have said that they would conduct an autopsy of the victim while Shaahil had been remanded in custody until the end of his trial.

Police have also said Shaahil had no criminal record and that the victim had not made a domestic abuse report against her alleged killer.