Environmental Protection Agency EPA says the seal found in Addu City yesterday is not dangerous and urged the public not to harm the animal.

While a seal was spotted in Kanbihaa Beach area of Addu City Hithadhoo, yesterday a seal was spotted at Kabivau beach area of Hithadhoo. Both the seal looked identical but have not been confirmed as the same by local authorities.

EPA said that the seal was well and that it would move away from the area in a few days. But the seal was seen on the beach today too.

The Agency reiterated that the seal was not a dangerous species and urged the public to refrain from harming the animal.

Previously, EPA had urged the public not to harm marine wildlife that washes up or ends up in Maldivian waters.

Recently, several species of wildlife had ended up in the Maldives, most notably a flock of flamingoes that visited several islands in the North of the country last year.