Islamic Ministry has dismissed its Senior Executive Director Ibrahim Raafiu from his post after a video of him having sexual relations with another man was leaked earlier.

Raafiu was seen with Bangladeshi man MD Alamgiri who has also featured in other leaked videos showing him having same-sex relations with local men.

The Ministry said that Raafiu was dismissed from his post yesterday.

Raafiu, who had acted as an Island Chief, had been working at the Center for Holy Quran following his appointment at the Ministry. He had been seen reciting Quran at MDP meetings and gatherings.

He was dismissed from his post several days after his video was leaked on social media.

Videos of several government officials have also been leaked online in which they appear to have same-sex relations with the Bangladeshi national.

The officials include two customs officers, some teachers, an employee at the Home Ministry, and another at the parliament.

But only 4 locals have been arrested due to the leaked videos so far including former DRP leader Mohamed Nasheed and the lawyer and brother of the speaker of the parliament Nazim Sattar.