Former MP for Horafushi Constituency and a key member of the opposition PPM Mohamed Ismail has been released from police custody after being arrested back in June.

Mohmed Ismail was arrested in relation to the violence that occurred at the Yoga Day Event held last month after several protesters gathered outside the event location and barged in on the activities.

PPM had now confirmed his release from police custody.

Previously, Mohamed Ismail's lawyer had said that he had been detained illegally and that he had not even gone to the national stadium where the Yoga Day event was held.

His lawyer also said that his client had not done anything to incite violence at the event that day and that he was being held under custody based on an intelligence report.

The Criminal Court had remanded Mohamed Ismail in custody on several hearings and his legal team had filed a case at the High Court regarding his arrest. But the High Court had thrown the case out at that time.