Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan says the administration is implementing the policies set by the whole coalition and not the policies of majority coalition partner MDP.

He said this while appearing on the Parliament floor to answer questions posed by the MPs, one of whom asked if the Ministry found it difficult to implement MDP policies in a coalition government.

The Minister who is sitting in the cabinet under a Jumhooree party slot said that the government is implementing its own policies and that all are shaped around these policies.

The Minister said that he did not believe that these policies belonged to one single party but rather were policies set by the coalition government which includes MDP.

I can surely say that all the policies being implemented under the current administration have been approved by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
Minister Hussain

Many high-ranking MDP members have voiced concerns that the current administration have failed to implement MDP's different policies especially relating to the fisheries industry and blue economy.