Opposition party PPM has axed Villimale Councillor Nahula Ali from the party along with her mother who is also a member of PPM.

PPM said that the mother-daughter duo was axed from the party after a disciplinary complaint was filed against them. The complaint was filed after it was accused that the duo had done anti-campaigning against PPM's candidate for Villimale Women's Development Committee by-election. It was also accused that they both had instead worked to promote MNP's candidate for the election.

PPM had said that they had received sufficient evidence to prove the allegations.

The Party had also accused Nahula of disrespecting PPM's leadership by posting lies on her social media pages and have falsely used party leader Abdullah Yameen's name.

They had also said that Nahula had created discord among party members and accused her mother and sister of assisting Nahula.

PPM said that the party's disciplinary committee had decided that the two would be axed from the party.

In comments to the media, PPM Secretary-General Mohamed Tholal had said that once the party's disciplinary committee had taken the decision, the mother-daughter duo had now been informed of the decision.