India has announced new quarantine rules for international travelers amid a rise in COVID cases.

The Indian government had said that travelers from abroad will need to home quarantine for a week after landing in India and that take a PCR test on the 8th day.

The new rules also state that if they test positive, they will be sent to an isolation facility and their samples will be sent for genome testing.

The Indian government had also said that passengers seated near them and cabin crew will be treated as contacts.

The new rules also urge negative travelers to self-monitor their health for seven days.

These rules announced by the Indian government are set to take effect on Tuesday.

Indian media had said that the new rules were announced on a day India reported 1,17,100 new cases of Covid - a 28 percent jump in 24 hours.

They also said that cases have gone from 10,000 to more than a lakh in just a week as the virus spreads at an unprecedented pace, driven by the Omicron variant.