Former Defence Minister and MP for Dhagethi constituency Colonel retired Mohamed Nazim has officially left the Jumhooree party.

MP Nazim had shared his decision to leave the party in a letter addressed to JP leader Gasim Ibrahim and had also shared this letter on Twitter.

In the letter, the former Defence Minister said that he was leaving JP to form his own political party and that he hoped to serve the people more closely in the new role.

MP Nazim had spoken of his intention of forming a new political party a few days back and had said that he would reveal the details of the new party within a few days.

He also said that he will hold a news conference to brief the media on the new party.

Speaking to "The Press", MP Nazim had said that the work to form the new party was going at high speed and that he and his team were now collecting signatures from 3,000 members.

Nazim also said that four MPs currently holding parliamentary seats has joined his party but stop short of naming these MPs.