Addu City Council has closed down its cafes' and restaurants in the City as authorities placed it under monitoring following several COVID-19 cases reported there.

In an announcement, Addu City Council said that it closed down these establishments to further protect the citizens of the city as authorities have suspected that there is now a community spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Addu City.

It also said that this closure should be enforced until the city is lifted from monitoring or unless otherwise notified by the council.

The council had said that local eateries can continue delivery and takeaway services for their customers but must stop taking dine-in customers.

It said that these establishments must ensure that their staff are following Health Protection Agency HPA guidelines and cautioned service givers and customers of making cash payments for transitions amid a possible community spread of the pandemic in the city.

Addu City Council urged local shops to remain vigilant and to be mindful of the number of shoppers that can enter the shop at once while also implementing the safety measures against the pandemic.

It further cautioned the general public not to gather in public spaces and parks while the City under monitoring.

Addu City was placed under monitoring on the 6th of this month after two individuals who presented at the flu clinic in Hithadhoo tested positive for COVID-19.