Yasir Yahya, a Yemeni inmate under the custody of Maldives Correctional Service has passed away according to local sources.

Moreover, sources further claimed Yahya was given CPR after his conditions deteriorated while under custody. Following which the authority claims an official statement will be released after the consulting hospital confirms death.

Yahya was brought under custody after he was found in breach of Immigration regulations, and was held at Hulhumale' Detention Center until repatriation. The Yemeni is survived by his wife, a local and their child.

Earlier reports confirm Yahya had engaged in hunger strike twice during his custody while this resulted with his health condition worsening.

Sources also claim Yahya died following complications arising from excessive hunger. Moreover, reports claim he passed away sometime around 16:30hrs on Sunday afternoon.

Authorities claim he was arrested following suspicions of having links with terrorism or conspiracy to terrorism.

Yahya was brought under Maldives Immigration's custody in 3 March 2017 after it was confirmed by authorities that he had ties to terrorist groups.