President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih emphasized the importance of peace, forgiveness, communal understanding, and unity above all else, on the Eid address delivered.

The President stated that we celebrate Eid-al-Adha this year at a challenging time, as we adjust ourselves to a 'new normal', in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He acknowledged that much of our daily lives, including how we pray and fulfil our religious duties, have been affected by the virus. Nonetheless, the President remarked, Eid-al-Adha provides an opportune time to strengthen our bonds with family, friends, neighbors and loved ones.

In this vein, the President urged everyone to speak to their loved ones and inquire on their health and well-being as we send out Eid greetings. He stressed the importance of using modern technology to reach out to all members of our families, especially those who are elderly or vulnerable to the virus. President Solih strongly recommended that we call them and speak to them with care and affection, in keeping with the spirit of this holy occasion.

President Solih ended his address by calling on all Maldivians to pay close attention to the advice of medical professionals as we celebrate, in order to overcome the challenges we face to our health, economy and livelihoods, due to the virus. The President also expressed well-wishes to all Muslims performing Hajj this year and prayed that their pilgrimage would be accepted by Almighty Allah.