Maldives Police Services has issued more than 71,000 shopping permits to households in the Male’ area amid the lockdown of the capital city due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a tweet today, Police confirmed that it had issued 71, 291 shopping permits to households in Male’ Area for essential groceries shopping.

The increase in these permits may be due to the lockdown ease that went into effect earlier this month. Initially, police had allowed only one person from each household to go on for a limited amount of time with a shopping permit.

But at the start of June, with ease in lockdown police allowed three persons from each household to go out for essential goods shopping.

Meanwhile, Police said that it had issued 13,085 travel permits in total. Although non-essential travel between the islands remained banned, islanders can now travel from one island to another with a valid permit from the police.

Police noted that 1,328 permits have been issued to senior citizens in the Greater Male’ Area after authorities allowed the elderly to step out at a specific time of the day since early June. As part of the lockdown ease, Health Protection Agency officials had confirmed that senior citizens could go out from 5 am to 8 am with a valid police permit.

Police said a total of 10,041 permits were issued to business entities with 18,637 support staff also given the green light to go outside during the lockdown.

The Police said that 12, 212 permits have been issued to vehicles and 11,727 permits have been issued to delivery personal since the lockdown was implemented on the 15th of April.