Jumhooree party says some people are spreading false news to tarnish party leader Ibrahim Gasim’s reputation for some political gains.

In a press statement, Jumhooree party stated that while the country faces the dangers of global pandemic Covid-19, spreading these fabricated news for political benefit or for another reason is a cowardly act.

The statement said although these fake news have been scarcely reported, the party is saddened by such action.

Jumhooree party said leader Gasim Ibrahim has always been a generous giver and have never hesitated to help his allies and rivals alike in their hour of need. It said his generous nature is widely known among the general public.

While the country is facing fear filled days in its fight against Covid-19, the statement highlighted Gasim’s company Villa is also facing uncertainties. The party said while Gasim is setting the perfect example of humanitarian entrepreneurship, political rivals spreading untrue information is a grave concern for the party.

The party urged all political opponents to set aside personal grievances and political rivalry, work together to help the country out from the current crisis.