The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has decided to revoke the membership of individuals who may contend at the upcoming Local Council Elections (LCE) on independent capacity.

According to the ruling party, its disciplinary committee on Thursday has decided to revoke the membership of MDP members who may compete on independent grounds at the LCE.

The party's decision comes, as per MDP, to uphold its general regulations and stated they will remove such individuals as members of the party as they have already received complaints regarding persons contending individually on independent grounds.

Furthermore, the party stated members of MDP's Women Development Committee (WDC) will face similar repercussions should they violate the party's general regulations.

The total seats of the local council are 982, while 2,435 candidates are contending in the Local Council Elections.

A total of 876 candidates from the ruling party will be contending while 13 council seats have been guaranteed by default as those seats had not opposing candidates.