The Parliamentary Committee on Public Accounts has passed a motion advising President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to sack the governor of Maldives Monetary Authority MMA Ali Hashim citing that the Governor has failed to fulfil his responsibilities.

The motion seeking the dismissal of the governor was submitted to the committee by the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament MP for Dhiggaru Constituency Ahmed Nazim.

The motion stated that MMA has failed to fully implement its Monetary Authority as the country faces economic uncertainty.

MP Nazim said that with the current economic situation, the government is earning money from the domestic market, but it is not doing anything to regulate the market.

He added that MMA's regulations are not up to date which in turn cannot prevent certain financial crimes. The motion was then put to a vote and subsequently passed by the committee.

For it to take effect, the motion must now be submitted and passed by the floor of the Parliament. The Governor, who was appointed by the previous government, reserves the right to hand in his resignation at any given time.