Fishermen who were protesting against the government's decision to allow long-line fishing for yellowfin Tuna have ended their protests after the Fisheries Ministry agreed to cut diesel prices sold to the fishermen from Hulhumale'.

The Yellowfin Tuna Union organized the protest which started at the Hulhumale' Yellowfin Jetty and ended at Male' Jetty area with around 35 fishing vessels.

Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shiyam met the fishermen at their protests and listened to their demands. Later on, the Yellowfin Tuna Union announced that since the Ministry had assured them that the government would not allow for long-line fishing for yellowfin tuna and after the government agreed to lower the price of diesel sold to fishermen to match the diesel sold to land vehicles, the fishermen had decided to cease their protests.

The Ministry also announced that the government had decided to lower the price of diesel sold to fishermen but did not give the details about the reduction.