The suspect arrested in connection to the fire in Alifu Alifu Thoddu has been remanded in custody for 2 days.

Police said that the report of the fire came in around 9:29 on Sunday night and that the fire was reported on the outskirts of Bright Anhenunn Street in Thoddu.

Police confirmed that no one was hurt in the fire. However, the Police did say that they had arrested a 45-year-old man concerning the incident and that they were further investigating the incident.

Today, the Police said that the Court had issued remand custody of 2 days for the suspect when he was taken to the Court for his remand hearing.

Police did not clarify the reason behind the fire. Protests have erupted in the island most famous for its watermelon fields but it is not clear whether the fire was related to the protests.

Many farmers gathered near the island council on the 5th of this month after the Council reviewed how farmland is given on the island. The protests turned violent when those gathered outside the Council threw rocks and other things at the building.