Many have taken to social media platforms to voice protests over the benefits given to former Parliamentarian MPs after they finish their terms in the legislative house.

Using the hashtag #stopformerMPbenefits many are voicing their opinion on the matter and question why the state must two tax-payers money to keep funding MPs who have lost the trust and support of their constituents.

Ex-MP allowances backed by the law

benefits and allowances to ex-MPs are guaranteed under the Parliamentary Privileges and Powers Act. Under this act, ex-MPs who complete one term of the parliament are paid 30 percent of the salary of a member of Parliament as a financial allowance.

Also under this law, a person who has served two terms in Parliament shall be paid 45 percent of the salary of a member of Parliament as a financial allowance.

The law states that the allowances would only be issued once the person leaves the parliament and when the person turns 55.

Campaign against Ex-MP benefits a little too late?

Former MP and a candidate for this parliamentary election as well as the 2023 Presidential Election Faris Maumoon said on X that there are several reasons for the allowances to be reviewed and reduced. He said most importantly it places a burden on state expenditure that is disproportionate to the median income of our citizens. He also said it adversely incentivizes people to run for Majlis, increasing the use of unfair means to gain votes.

Faris Maumoon competed as an Independent candidate

But in his most recent post, Faris said that the campaign was coming a little too late as raising this issue should have advocated for Majlis candidates to support this before they were elected.

Faris said the country has voted in MPs (and parties) who did not commit to any kind of reform, be it MP benefits or reducing the number of MPs.

Would the 20th Parliament vote out one of the most appealing aspects of Parliamentary membership?

The call for stopping ex-MP allowances comes on the back of the resounding loss of most of the MPs of the 19th Parliament who sought re-election to the 20th Parliament via the Parliamentary election held on Sunday.

PNC MPs who won seats on the 20th Parliament standing with President Muizzu/Photo: PNC

Only 11 out of the 87 MPs in the 19th Parliament managed to retain a seat in the 20th Parliament. Several veteran MPs failed to retain their seats including former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament MP Eva Abdullah, MP for North Maafannu Constituency Imthiyaz Ali, and MP for West Henveriu Constituency Hassan Latheef.

While the 19th Parliament failed to address the issue, much hope is placed on the 20th Parliament to right the wrongs of its predecessors including the issue of giving allowances and benefits to ex-MPs.