Six independent candidates who won seats in the 20th Parliament in the election held on Sunday have today signed for the ruling Progressive National Congress PNC.

The MP-elects who signed for PNC include MP Elect for Huraa Constituency Dr. Anaraa Naeem, MP Elect for Mathiveri Constituency Hassan Zareer, MP Elect for Mahchangoalhi Central Constituency Ahmed Zameer, MP Elect for Thimarafushi Constituency Ahmed Riyaz, MP Elect for Naifaru Constituency Yasin Abdullah, and MP-elect for Villigilli Constituency Azim Abdul Azeez.

Out of these 6 MP-elects, only the MP-elect for Thimarafushi Constituency Ahmed Riyaz is the only individual who newly joined PNC. The rest of the winning candidates had been PNC members but left the party to compete in the election as independent candidates.

PNC said that the 6 new MPs signed for the party at a ceremony held at the President's Office in the presence of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

This will be viewed as a shrewd piece of political maneuvering from PNC as the newly signed MPs take the total number of PNC seats in the 20th Parliament to a staggering 72. MPs from JP, MNP, and MDA are also expected to support the ruling PNC which would mean has control over an impressive 76 seats in the incoming parliament.