MP for Central Maafanu Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonda) says there is no way forward for politics in the country without the resignation of the leadership of the main opposition party MDP.

In the first parliamentary session held since the election of the 20th Parliament last Sunday, MP Rasheed said the people gave the ruling PNC supermajority in the 20th Parliament for different reasons, including several corruption cases orchestrated by the MPD government.

The former MDP member who now represents the democrats in the parliament said that the former government obstructed parliamentary works to hold the 18th Parliament MPs accountable as well as failed to find justice for the assassination attempt against former President Mohamed Nasheed.

MP Rasheed went on to say that the leadership of MDP should be changed first for the country to move forward in politics. He noted the MDP leadership should resign and the defeat in the parliamentary election was because the party was now being operated as a gang.

MP Rasheed said that the people gave a supermajority to the ruling PNC because the MDP leader talked about impeaching President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu at the last minute.

The MP for Central Maafanu Constituency failed to retain his seat in the 20th Parliament losing it to PNC Candidate Asma Rasheed in Sunday's parliamentary election.