Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says this administration is governing by withholding information and with less transparency.

He commented while speaking at the last campaign rally held by MDP ahead of tomorrow's parliamentary elections.

Solih said that in the last three weeks, the government has not published any reports on its financial status. He noted that while political appointees have increased, as per the reports from three weeks back, the state's expenditure on salaries has increased by MVR 450 million.

The former President said that this administration has spent over MVR 20 million of state funds for campaigning alone. Noting that the government has been unwilling to answer questions on this, Solih said that all its promises were just for the parliamentary vote taking place tomorrow.

Solih said that once the elections are over, the administration would find new excuses including the next Council elections as well as the 2028 Presidential elections.

He implored the public not to fall for the trap laid by the administration. Solih said that during the campaigning he has traveled to many islands in the country and most of the people in the islands are disappointed with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu as he has not fulfilled the pledges he made when he came into power.

Solih said that Muizzu came into power by selling lies to the people and that he continues to lie to the people.