Male' City Council has filed a case with the police over repeated theft incidents from the Thaqwa mosque on Hithahfinivaa magu in Male'.

The Council said that in the last three nights, 7 fans have been stolen from the mosque and that they have now lodged a case with the police over the robberies.

The council has shared CCTV footage of the fans being stolen from the mosque. The footage shows the suspects stealing the standing fans inside the mosque.

Police have yet to comment on the robberies.

The number of robberies and thefts has increased in the capital Male' especially in mosques. Yesterday it was reported that a motor installed in Dharumavantha Mosque was stolen while 2 fans from the same mosques were also stolen.

There are also complaints of theft of batteries and diesel from pickup trucks parked in the Malay Industrial Zone. Thefts and robberies spike unusually in Ramadan and police are advising people to pay special attention to it.