The Muhyiddin school students in Villimale have donated a sizable amount to those in dire need in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

The school gave the money for donation to the local-based international aid organization, International Aid Campaign IAC.

The group confirmed that it had received MVR 50,000 from the students of the school.

IAC noted that students of Muhyiddin school had previously donated to the aid campaign and that the organization greatly appreciates such donation programs targeted at school students.

It added that it is vital to harvest the love for humanity and humanitarian efforts during school life.

IAC also said that support from the teachers and parents to the students encourages them to take part in more such campaigns in the future.

The aid organization is carrying out donation campaigns in several Muslim countries and is working to distribute Iftar packages in the besieged Gaza where thousands are starving due to the Israeli genocide against those living in the enclave.