Today, the Supreme Court ruled that Hassan Shiyam (VB Shiyam) cannot contest the upcoming parliamentary elections. He is competing as an independent candidate for the Parliamentary seat of Central Henveriu Constituency.

The top Court quashed his candidacy over unpaid debt.

Current MP for Central Henveriu Constituency Ilyas Ahmed filed a case at the Supreme Court, raising questions about Hassan's candidacy.

The suit filed by Ilyas further alleges that Shyam's proven debt is why he does not meet the requirements of the Parliamentary Election Act and the Parliament's Rules of Procedure.

According to Article 75 of the Constitution, a person who has a proven debt and is not paying it following the judgment shall not be eligible to participate in the parliamentary elections.

Hassan owes a loan of USD10 million on February 16, 2006, and USD64 million on June 18, 2008, to Crystal Lagoon Resorts from the State Bank of India (SBI), for which 11 people, including him, are responsible.