President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has called on the country not to be deceived by the opposition's insincere talk ahead of the Parliamentary elections scheduled for next month.

He said this while speaking at a campaign rally for the PPM/PNC candidate for the Vilifushi Constituency.

The President said that the main opposition, MDP, currently holds the majority in the parliament and that this was the case when the current administration came into power.`

He said that the opposition is now saying that it would achieve unfulfilled pledges once it gets a parliamentary majority and that this shows the insincerity of the opposition.

Highlighting what the MDP administration failed to achieve when it had a parliamentary majority, it left the country in massive debt and with no clear pathway to pay the debts.

He also said that the government had MVR 900 million worth of unpaid bills and that the current administration has had to halt projects in some islands.

The President urged the public not to fall for the opposition's promises that it would fulfill pledges it failed to achieve in the last five years.