Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says today the country is struggling with the loans taken from China under the previous PPM administration.

Speaking at a campaign rally for the upcoming Parliamentary elections, President Solih said that the country is not currently struggling with its debt commitments to India, which is evident from the government's debt structure.

Solih said that the country owes China MVR 18 billion and has not added to this amount in the last five years. The former President said that the government had taken loans worth MVR 8 billion from India and that these loans were taken at the interest rate of 1.7 billion. He said that these loans must only be repaid depending on how much is spent, and the Maldives would receive 25 years to repay them.

The former President said that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu should give way and that only the neighboring and Islamic countries would remain there to assist.

Solih chided, saying that in the four months in power, the current administration only received 50 tons of dates from the Middle Eastern countries and that the government is not going forward on the right path.