The Main Opposition Party, MDP, has accused the Deputy Mayor of Male City, Ahmed Nareesh, of initiating the violence that unfolded in Gaafu Alifu Maamendhoo yesterday.

This comes after Nareesh filed a police report saying that he was attacked when he arrived in Maamendhoo yesterday for campaigning activities for PPM/PNC candidate for Kolamaafushi Constituency Ibrahim Didi.

Nareesh said that one assailant punched him in the back twice while another tried to attack him with a metal pole. The Deputy Mayor of Male' City said that he was only saved from the beating after those gathered there intervened.

In a statement today, MDP said that once it was decided that the PPM/PNC candidate for the Kolamaafushi Constituency would be visiting Maamendhoo, some people had covered the banners and posters of the MDP candidate for the seat.

MDP accused the ruling party leaders of preventing MDP supporters from expressing their views condemning the opposition's uncivilized and undemocratic actions.

It said that Nareesh had attacked an MDP supporter, condemning the ruling party's actions. MDP noted that it would not accept such actions from the Deputy Mayor, who is in an elected position in the state and a party leader representing the government.

MDP called on the Police to investigate and take appropriate action as soon as possible for violations of the code of conduct and interference with the electoral rights of contesting candidates.

The MDP called on the President and the Government to do everything necessary to ensure that such acts do not violate electoral rights and conduct a peaceful campaign.