Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih says if MDP secures the parliament majority in the upcoming elections, it will facilitate the release of land plots and flats awarded within a specific time frame.

Speaking at the campaign rally for the MDP candidate for the Maafannu North Constituency, Ifham Hussain, Solih said that housing remains the most pressing issue facing the residents of Male'.

The ex-president said that during the last days of his tenure, land plots and flats were awarded justly with much accountability. Noting that it was difficult to decide to give land plots from Giraavaru falhu, Gulheefalhu, and Hulhmale' Phase III, Solih said that almost all of his efforts have now been brought to a halt.

Solih also said that this administration acted illegally when refused to release the land plots and flats awarded during his five-year term. He said there was no valid reason to halt the release of land plots, and MDP would not allow the government to alter the current land recipient list.

The former President explained that the public must secure the majority of the Parliament for MDP to release the land plots and flats as per the current recipient lists.

Repeating his previous statement that MDP needs to win in the Parliamentary election scheduled for next month in order to take the country back to the right path, Solih said that MDP must come back in to power to achieve this.