The main opposition party MDP has accused the government of buying drones at high prices to raise money for the parliamentary election campaign.

Speaking at a press conference last night, MDP's spokesperson for the upcoming parliamentary elections campaign MP for Kendhikulhudhoo Constituency Ahmed Isa said that the government's deal with Turkey to buy drones to conduct 24-hour surveillance of Maldivian waters was overpriced.

Isa said that this was something that was not in the annual budget and the contingency budget must bear the brunt of millions spent on something less important than some pressing issues related to the lives of the people.

He further said that the Constitution outlines the services the government must provide for the people and that the administration must fulfill these promises before doing anything else.

The MP also questioned the President's trip to Turkey and subsequent deal with the European country to purchase surveillance drones. MP Isa said that this ruse from the government to raise money for the Parliamentary elections and that the drone purchases were overpriced with more affordable options on the global market.

Noting that every country needs to maintain its maritime area as much as possible, he said it can only be done to the extent of its ability. The MP further revealed that during the administration of former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had started a pilot project to acquire drones and that an allied nation was willing to provide the drones for free.

He further said that the discussions were left incomplete with the change of the government without fruition. The MP did not reveal which country it was.