The main opposition parties MDP and the Democrats have called on the government to ratify the bill passed by the Parliament that would postpone the Parliamentary Election until after Ramadan.

In a post on 'X', Chairperson of MDP Ismail Fayyaz said that elections should be held in a way that would allow most voters to take part in the voting.

He further said that holding the Parliamentary Election in the holy month of Ramadan means a basic right of the people would be hindered.

The former economic Minister called on the government to ratify the recently passed bill that would allow the Elections Commission to postpone the election now slated for the 6th day of Ramadan (17th March).

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Group Leader of the Democrats MP Ali Azim said that the law allows for the Commission to delay the election until after Ramadan.

However, he said that the Commission was acting the same way as the government of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu by making it difficult for the public and making them beg.

Earlier this month, the Parliament passed an amendment to the Elections bill that would allow the Commission to hold the election 10 days after Ramadan.