The Parliament has voted against complying with a suspension order issued by the Supreme Court against an amendment brought to the Parliament's standing order.

The Amendment related to how the total number of Parliamentarians is counted without including those who have resigned from their seats. This Amendment ultimately lowered the number of votes required to impeach the President and the Attorney General appealed to the top Court over the Amendment. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court issued an interim order, instructing the Parliament to cease following the Amendment.

At the beginning of today's session, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Aslam gave the MPs present one hour to deliberate on whether or not to comply with the Supreme Court's order.

After the deliberation, 45 MPs voted to continue with the Amendment brought to its standing order and seemingly rejected the order issued by the Supreme Court on the matter.

Earlier in the session, Speaker Aslam appeared to aim harsh words against the Top Court saying that no entity or power can dictate how the Parliament is run and that only the MPs of the Parliament can decided how the Parliament is managed.