National Carrier Maldivian has sent the latest notice to the main opposition party MDP to recover the money spent on the party's presidential campaign trips.

It is learned that the MDP has been asked several times to pay for its presidential campaign trips. However, the money has not been paid yet and a notice has been sent to the court before the 18th of this month.

MDP has to pay MVR 5.6 million for its presidential campaign trips facilitated by Maldivian. In a letter sent to the MDP on Wednesday, the airline said the total amount of money it had not paid for tickets and charter flights stood at MVR 5,629,861.

According to Moldova Airlines, this is not targeting any particular MDP or group. Maldivian and MDP have agreed to pay within 48 hours of obtaining the service.

The company's recovery department has always taken various steps to recover outstanding payments from various parties.