The MP for Kaashidhoo Constituency Abdullah Jabir has threatened the pilot of a Maldivian Airlines and the crew of the plane.

Jabir, who was on a floating platform of the seaplane, spoke abusively to the pilot and the crew of the Maldivian Airlines for a long time. The video has been circulating on social media and Jabir has threatened to kill them. He said the case was reported to police yesterday and is now being investigated.

Jabir has been banned from traveling on a Maldivian seaplane and flight. The Maldivian official said no action has been taken so far. He said that all the processes will be completed before a step can be taken.

Jabir has been abusive towards people in the past and was recently expelled from the MDP for such a case. Jabir's ticket was taken away from him after he won the Kashidu constituency in the MDP primary held on Saturday.