The Elections Commission says more than 13,000 individuals submitted re-registration forms for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections slated for next month.

The Vice President of the Commission Ismail Habeeb said that the Commission received a total of 13,378 forms for re-registration for voters who want to change the place of voting for the Parliamentary elections within 7 days.

He confirmed that out of these 11,919 forms have now been processed and that 1,459 forms have been rejected for various reasons.

Sources have said that the Commission reached its re-registration numbers only in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Habeeb also said that the Commission would give voters the chance to re-register if the elections are pushed to after Ramadan. Right now it is scheduled to be held on the 17th of March which falls on the 7th of Ramadan.

But the main opposition party MDP is pushing to postpone the elections and yesterday the Parliament's Select Committee to review the Amendments proposed to the Elections Act voted to hold the Elections 10 days after Ramadan.

The Constitutions states that the Parliamentary Elections must be held 30 days before the term of the current Parliament expires.