The opposition MPs have questioned the investigation conducted by the Anti-Corruption Commission on the awarding of the 4,000 flats by the former government and in turn questioned the integrity of the Commission itself.

Today, the parliament debated on an emergency motion submitted by the MP for Galolh North Constituency Eva Abdullah which called on the government to issue flats to those who met the criteria as soon as possible.

During the debate, the MP for Hoarafushi Constituency Ahmed Saleem, the ACC had the power to correct any possible acts of corruption during the administrative stages of releasing the flats but the Commission did not act lawfully.

Saleem said right now ACC was encroaching on the Housing Ministry's mandate and if its intentions were sincere, the ACC would let the Ministry take corrective measures.

Meanwhile, MP for Hulhumale' Constituency Ali Niyaz accused the ACC of giving secret directions to the Housing Ministry after releasing its findings. He further accused the ACC revealed the information it released at its press conference after having secret meetings with the Housing Ministry.

The MP for Velidhoo Constituency Mohamed Abdullah Shafeeq said that ACC's actions warrant questions about whether the government had bribed 5 members of the commission. He said that what we are seeing today is the Anti-Corruption Commission being involved in acts of corruption. He accused delaying the awarding of the flats to its rightful recipients as an election tactic by the current government in cohorts with the ACC.