Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has condemned the violent attack against Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem who was assaulted earlier today.

The PG was attacked while he was out on his morning exercise routine. Police said that they had received a report of the incident and that the PG is seeking treatment at ADK Hospital.

Police also said that he was attacked with a blunt object and that they were further investigating the incident.

Following the incident, former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on X that he condemned the attack against the PG and that he wished the PG a speedy recovery.

Solih also said that politically motivated acts of violence have no place in a democratic society and called on the government to be swift in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Shameem was appointed as PG by Solih.

Meanwhile, the main opposition party MDP said that assailants can target top officials of the state because of the connection between the current administration of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and the criminals and gangs as well as the protection afforded to these groups.

MDP also insinuated that violence and attacks are once again on the rise after this government took over.

The Democrats described the attack against the Prosecutor General as a dangerous signal and said that since the attack was given on the street in broad daylight, it was premediated.