Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare Dr. Aishath Rameela has revealed her cancer diagnosis via a post on Facebook.

In the post, the Minister said that she was traveling abroad for her cancer treatment. She said that she would be getting Hyperthermic (or Heated) Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) as well as radiation therapy as part of her treatment.

She did not reveal where she would be seeking the treatment and the nature of the cancer she was fighting.

But HIPEC is a surgical procedure that's giving new hope to patients with abdominal cancers.

Minister Rameela was appointed as the Minister of the newly formed Ministry on the 17th of this month. Many on social media are wishing her well in her fight against Cancer.

The Strategic Communications Minister at the President's Office Ibrahim Haleel said that the President's Office would make adequate arrangements to operate the Ministry in her absence.

Minister Rameela has previously fulfilled the post of State Minister at the Health Ministry as well as the Gender Ministry. She was also the former Registrar of the Maldives Medical and Dental Council.