The Parliamentary session to remove the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed from his post has been halted today due to the lack of order in the parliament chamber.

The Parliament secretariat had scheduled two sessions today, one to submit the State Budget for 2024 and another to submit the resolution seeking a no-confidence vote against the Speaker.

The Budget session was hampered due to a lack of quorum as many MDP MPs present at the parliament premises did not attend the session. But the MPs attended the session on Nasheed's removal.

However, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Eva Abdullah cut the session short stating that there was no order in the chamber for the parliament to move forward with the session. She added that she would notify the MPs when the next session would be scheduled.

MDP MPs disrupted the order in the chamber as most protested loudly while standing in front of the Chair's desk and other MPs used instruments like horns and whistles.

MDP is now seeking to remove Eva from her post as the Deputy Speaker and the MDP PG has decided to submit a no-confidence motion or resolution against her as well.