November 7, 2023: Spainish General Information Commissioner's Office launched an operation that resulted in the destruction of a suspected terrorist network situated in Spain.

Spanish media reported that a total of 14 people were taken into custody across many provinces in Spain. According to reports, the inmates, who were all of Pakistani descent, were residents of Catalonia, Valencia, Guipúzcoa, Vitoria, Logroño, and Lleida.

According to reports, It is thought that these people established a network through which highly radicalized and jihadist messages were disseminated online in the lack of official information.

A month ago, Spain's anti-terrorist alert level was raised in response to Hamas attacks on Israel. As a result, the Security Forces increased their surveillance of suspects to potentially avert strikes.

In October, similar extremist 4 suspects were taken into custody.

The four alleged jihadists were apprehended by the national Police last month during a similar anti-terror operation, which precedes this arrests.

Four people were arrested for "proselytism and jihadist recruitment" in the Granada municipalities of Huetor-Tajar, Cubelles in Barcelona, and Madrid.

Among those detained was a man known as the "Caliph." He was the "creator and administrator of several groups in which he tried to indoctrinate young people in the jihadist creed," according to the authorities.

A married couple who had reportedly been brought together after joining one of these online social media groups was among those apprehended during the operation.

According to reports, the fourth person was "indoctrinated." (euroweeklynews)